Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just a few final touches...

Well, Mr. Homesteader is still out in the barn working on a few final touches for the goat pen. He is moving some of the electrical wiring to put a light in over the pen. He's also building a hay feeder for the pen as well. Other than that, we're good to go!

We braced the posts on the outside of the pen for extra support as they do like to lean on the pen. It's not the prettiest pen, but it was remarkably cheap considering we had most of what we needed here. I'll take functional over pretty any day!

We have the goats out in the barn pen now. We were concerned about the goats being messed with around Halloween night, and decided to take the extra precaution.

Now we'll be using this pen when it gets closer to kidding. I'm very excited to expand our dairy herd!


  1. Hi! I'm from BBC - hsmomma26. We have Nigerian dwarf goats. We got our fist buck a couple of months ago for our girls. :-) How did you attach the cattle panel to the wood? We did woven wire with staples, but eventually the goats pushed them off with all the rubbing they do.

  2. So, I'm looking around your site and I see you follow Antiquity Oaks. That's were we got our buck from. We also got a wether from her - Linguine. She had blogged about him, not sure if you saw it.

  3. I did see Linguine on her blog. I have wanted to get some Nigerians from Deborah, but for our budget and purposes we need higher production (hence the Saanen).

    The sheep/goat panel is attached using heavy duty fence staples (double barbed is what I'm being told). He then took another board over the top of that and screwed the board in as another layer of protection against them pushing on it.