Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Kids--Caprine Variety

The goat babies are doing very well. We ended up with two bucklings from Tease, and a buckling and doeling from Chessie. I really wanted a doeling from both, but at least we got one. In the video you'll see 5 kids. We actually bought an Alpine buckling to be sure we could breed the girls this year. We're hoping to get a Saanen buckling, but the doe I want a buck out of hasn't kidded yet, so we'll have to wait and see!

Tease with her bucklings. Shortly after this photo was taken, she started trying to ram her babies. They've been bottle fed from the beginning.

This is Fred. He and his brother Scruffy as VERY friendly. I hate to sell them because they are so sweet.

Cheeto is the first kid born on our farm. He is sticking around as a buddy for our buckling Thor.

And our Grand Prize--Heidi.

Mr. HH always loved the look of Oberhasli goats, and he is thrilled by Heidi's coloration. Hopefully she grows out well enough to be bred in the fall. Unfortunately, Chessie freshened with a problem udder. One side seems to be having issues. The vet will be checking her out again this week to see if it's fixable. Even if it's not, the good half of her udder is giving us 1/2 a gallon everyday. Tease is already giving us OVER a gallon a day!

All that said, be prepared to see some posts of my attempts at making cheese!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Waiting Game...

As I'm typing this post, I am listening to the soothing sounds of goats chewing their cud via a baby monitor that's been strategically placed in our barn. We are waiting for our goats to kid. Typical goat gestation length is 150 days. Our alpine is on day 151. This is our first kidding, and we are very anxious to have some baby goats to cuddle.

To pass the time, I thought it might be fun to have our first giveaway! Now I can't give you anything too exciting, but I would like to send out some seeds to help someone else start their own little homesteading efforts. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. In your comment list some things you've wanted to try planting, but haven't. Maybe you'd like to try planting Swiss Chard this year or some different varieties of winter squash. Jot it down in the comments, and maybe you'll end up with an envelope of goodies headed your way.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Want to win a prize?

If you'd like a chance to win some homemade goat milk soap, head over to Krazo Acres. Carolyn has a great blog up now about spreading your sustainability efforts around. Even though I'd love to win some goat milk soap, I'd rather see people moving others to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Click here to enter!