Sunday, January 9, 2011

We're still here!

The last few weeks my focus has been on preparing for the baby. The cold weather has made it pretty slow around the homestead for Mr. HH as well. We've been taking the time to read up on things we would like to pursue this year (and years to come). We have a lot plans, but as always, we're trying to make a list in order of their priority, because not everything can be done in a year. I can say, prepare to see a small corn crib being built on our property in the future!

For the time being, the focus has been on preparing our home for the baby, and trying to recover from the holidays! Updates should start picking up around our baby's arrival as we will be preparing for the arrival of some goat kids! 2011 looks to be a promising and exciting year for us here!

For your viewing pleasure, Little Man's incredibly soft, matching, knit wool pants and hat.


  1. Beautiful outfit!
    When is your due date? Is this your first?
    Sorry, I'm just nosey! :)

  2. I'm due the first part of February. Of course, with our past experience this could mean he'll either come exactly when he's expected or at the end of January! =) This will be our third, but our first boy.

  3. Were your daughers old enough to remember your move? How did they they take moving to the country? We moved from the city several years before we had our daughter so she doesn't even know what the "city" is like.

  4. We moved out here right after they turned 2&3. They don't remember much before moving out here. Big sister's 5th birthday is around kidding time, and she's excited to get baby goats for her birthday =) I can't imagine raising them any other way!