Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I previously wrote about my dislike for Cornish cross meat birds. This year, we are raising 25 Buff Orpington cockerels for our freezer. We may hold back a rooster for our egg laying flock. I imagine we could hatch out a good table bird by crossing a Buff Orpington roo to a Speckled Sussex hen.

Mr. HH is finishing up our chicken tractor.

Birds- Currently known as "chicken nuggets"

Now, these guys won't get as big as a Cornish cross, but they also won't cost us as much in feed. They already get a good helping of grass clippings, and love them. They take a bit longer to grow out, but they taste so great, it's worth the wait.


  1. Try out a breed called K-22 from Moyers out in PA. They taste like 'old world' chicken - juicy and full of flavor. You will love em.

  2. Thanks for the tip! We will be ordering some of the K-22s next year!

  3. I like my Buff Orpingtons.... I only have 3, not sure of their gender yet, but they have grown well in comparison to the other chicks.

    We bought pullets in two batches....out of our oldest batch we have 3 roos. We have Americanas, Jersey Black Giants, Speckled sussexs (they were supossed to be Marans!), 1 Maran, High Production Reds, Cochins, Silver Laced Wyandottes, 1 Blue Andulusian & Buff Orpingtons. All are for eggs & bug control.

    I want to do meat birds next year, but I've heard so much awful stuff on the CornishX that I've been hesitant.....looking at my Buff Orpingtons, I could see how they would make a decent table bird.

    Will also look into the K22s mentioned by your blog commentor :)

    Good luck with your birds!