Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Updates don't grow on trees, ya know!

Alright, we've been a bit busy. Well more than a bit. Having a baby definitely changes routines around here. Needless to say, things take a bit more time and effort, so I spend less time on the computer.

We've gotten quite a bit accomplished. My raised beds are full, and the big garden is full as well. We had to move our blueberry bushes to a new spot, and we've got more trees in our orchard! In the kitchen, I've tried several different bread recipes, made a few types of cheese, and been dehydrating a few things (mostly chamomile and green onions).

Pictures and details soon! If there is anything you're curious about, ask away!


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere!

    Pictures, pictures! :)

  2. Happy to hear your getting things done! :-)