Friday, January 20, 2012

Almost finished!

Fast Progress!
At the right end, you'll see past the slider door track some clear panels. We had skylight panels added to this side and the back side to help with natural light (no electric to this barn). We had to put the panels on the side, as we have barrier, insulation on the inside roof of the barn. This prevents condensation from falling onto hay bales we will store in this barn. Of course, it keeps the goats dry too.

It's coming along nicely. Due to the weather, we had to wait to lay the pad in. Once the weather permit, we will borrow our friend's skid steer to back fill the barn to be sure the animals stay dry.


  1. Wow! Just yesterday I looked at your post & it was just, well, POSTS! Nice going, the goats are going to be THRILLED!

  2. We have contractors putting it up for us. It was worth it. They work so fast!