Sunday, January 8, 2012

White Christmas

After much discussion and thought, we have moved to a Saanen-only herd. We couldn't resist. Their easy going personalities and gentle nature fit perfectly with our own. We are expecting the first round of kidding to begin in roughly two weeks. We'll be sure to share plenty of baby goat photos.

Hopefully, blog updates will pick up soon. I seem to be doing better in terms of morning sickness, so that should help out some. ;)


  1. Morning sickness?? As in THAT kind of morning sickness? Have I missed something, forgot something, not paid attention, or just obvlious?

    As for the Saanens, I have to admit I LOVE mine! Well, all but one of them. She's the herd queen, but she's mean, mean MEAN to everyone. She's on the list of "things to go", either that or she'll be the brooding doe for our future Saanen / Boer herd of meat goats and she'll be in another pasture away from my other sweeties.

  2. Yes, it's THAT kind of morning sickness. We wanted to make sure we reached our full quota of "you're crazy," comments this year. We hadn't posted about it before now.

  3. Aww...we need to come meet the new family members :) glad you're feeling better!